<3 (l_teen_riot_l) wrote in double__take,

your base are belong to us


Five to seven of your favorite bands:nofx, less than jake, the ataris, queen, led zepplin

Five to seven of your favorite movies:monty python and the holy grail, south park: bigger longer and uncut, saving silverman, dogma, dude wheres my car

Your favorite book:chasing dogma

Your favorite (entire) album:the war on errorism by nofx

Why are you applying to double__take?:because i love rating communities and all that schnazz

Who did you to promote to?:the url

Tell us a joke:I have always had a serious gastric problem, so whenever I absolutely couldn't hold it, I would try and make a joke, like the old "pull my finger" trick, so as to divert the embarrassment.

Draw us a picture:

well my friend suggested i drew a psyhoctic smilie face - so what the hell..?! :D

Describe your living room:its being redone right now so their is paint buckets and ladders and wood and a really big mess right now lol

Five to seven CLEAR pictures of your face:

black eye

black eye again

..and yet again

on the left

on the left again

Anything else you'd like to say:ill affiliate you with my communities if im accepted :D

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