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double__take's Journal

Double Take
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1. No advertising other lame communities here. We are the best, therefore you need no other communities. You may join them, just don't promote them here.
2. All applications and pictures must be behind an LJ-CUT. Don't know how to use it or what it is? It's in the FAQ, that's all we're telling you.
3. No drama; don't start shit with the mod(s).
4. Once a month you will be asked to share where you've promoted to. This is required. You get two "get out free" passes, but after that...We will ask you to leave.
5. In your application put "your base are belong to us" in the cut or the subject, to let us know you read the rules.
6. Whore us.
7. Put your vote (yes, no, or undecided) in the SUBJECT OF YOUR COMMENT. It's easier for us to count. Reasons, please, put in the comment. If you're undecided, put what would help you decide.
8. When we say five to seven, we mean FIVE. TO. SEVEN. Which means, 5, 6, or 7. No more, no less.
9. Don't be a jerk.
10. By applying, you agree to these rules. Subject to change at any time without notification.

New member rules:
1. Post your application in two days.
2. Promote in at least one community and one journal.
3. No posting comments on any post but yours until you're accepted.
4. Seven yes votes and you're in. Five no votes? You're out. Woo us.
5. Promotional banners are: here.

Five to seven of your favorite bands:
Five to seven of your favorite movies:
Your favorite book:
Your favorite (entire) album:
Why are you applying to double__take?:
Who did you to promote to?:
Tell us a joke:
Draw us a picture:
Describe your living room:
Five to seven CLEAR pictures of your face:
Anything else you'd like to say:

Worship us: